Individual instruction
and group classes
with Shirley Kelley,
Penfield, NY in 2014

Juggling two balls with one hand

   Individual Instruction for learning
   BAVX Fundamentals 1-on-1

   Pre-requisite for
   Bags, Balls and Brains
   group participation.

Bags, Balls and Brains
  Level 2 Group – Friday afternoon,   on-going

Private Sessions available in series format:
     6-Week Series - Introduction
   12-Week Series - Fundamentals

For Active Adults:
   Focus: brain & brain-body    integration

For Special Needs
Example: ADD-ADHD  

Benefits of the program

Educators and Parents  
   Read PDF report from
   middle school class,
   Spring, 2006

 Active Adults 
  Read PDF report
"Why Active Adults Keep
  Coming Back to BAVX"

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Shirley Kelley adjusting the balance board tilt Balance board rockers are adjustable enabling step-by-step degree of difficulty to challenge but not overwhelm one's balance mechanism.

Three Bal-A-Vix-X exercises
4 ball double windmill exerciseBags, Balls and Brains primarily draws from the integrative rhythmic eXercises of Bal-A-Vis-X, originated by Bill Hubert. The rhythmic eXercises integrate the brain and brain-body connections through movement. Through BAVX eXercises one develops the ability to move eyes, hands and feet rhythmically in relationship to one another, to a partner and as a group.

The BAVX eXercises are strongly rooted in the rhythmic flow of the pendulum. They require full-body/bi-lateral coordination, eye tracking, focused attention, and visual and auditory discrimination. While doing ball and bag eXercises, participants experience multitudes of mid-line crossings which require the 3 dimensions of the brain (left/right, back/front, upper/lower) to work together.

Movements for learning readiness from Brain Gym and embodiment explorations from Body-Mind Centering are offered in response to individual needs and in building necessary neurological pathways to cross the body’s 3 mid-lines. After the fundamentals of BAVX bag and ball exercises are learned, the variable difficulty balance board developed by Frank Belgau (Balametrics) is used extensively to enhance brain and brain-body integration.

Bal-A-Vis-X eXercises are taught one-on-one with specific attention to individual needs. After mastering the proper fundamentals of rhythmically tossing sand-filled bags and rhythmically bouncing specialized BAVX racquetballs, group exercises can be introduced. Hence, basic BAVX skill competence is necessary before entering a Bags, Balls and Brains class.

Bags Balls & Brains group exercise
"Cross Crawl with Balls'"

Contact Shirley Kelley at skelley4100@yahoo.com or 585-203-1273
for information about scheduling an introductory session in the Rochester, NY area.

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